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This Is Us

At Ginger Yums Sip Shop, we believe in the power of all-natural ingredients to uplift the body and soul. Our delicious juices are made from fresh fruits, herbs, and veggies, and are fully customizable to meet your unique taste and health needs. 

From Our Heart to Your Cup

Unleash Your Inner Yum. Dr. Karl, Angela and Momma Yums envisioned the Ginger Yums Sip Shop after the formation of Ginger Yums. Momma Yums felt we needed a new location to serve our loyal Yummers nearby. Ginger Yums is an all-natural ginger juice providing helpful benefits through the amazing power of ginger. Coined as the "Feel Good, Taste Good Drink" we focus on providing a quality customizable beverage with personable customer service. Born and raised in London, Karl an avid tea drinker, Angela the serial entrepreneur and Momma Yums the "Mom-to-All" embarked on the journey to create a special place for people to sip, savor and enjoy those special moments we all so desperately deserve. Come by and meet Momma Yums...she will take good care of you!

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